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Steelhead Fitness & Training Facility is more than a gym to me.  It is the reason that has allowed me to fully enjoy my retirement.  I started out with swollen knees, a limp, a knee brace and no discernible upper body strength at all.  Sheryl and her team of instructors have helped me get from “I can’t do that” to “I’ll try it” to now “Well, look at that, I am doing it” !!  I am amazed how strong I have become, gone is knee brace, the limp and I am able to stand straight with no pain.   I have ease of movement and everyday things are not the chore they used to be.  I am so happy at my progress and look forward to being able to do more and more.  Steelhead Fitness & Training Facility was one of my better decisions, make it yours too!

Velma Berkholtz

Sheryl is a passionate and caring trainer/owner. She maintains her focus on form and safety. She is encouraging and supportive with your personal goals and if you participate in any of the challenges. She is knowledgeable and ready to provide modifications or adaptations to support all levels of fitness. I have been with Sheryl as my personal trainer for 7 years. I started with a focus on weight loss and knew that I needed to make significant changes in my lifestyle. I now go to the gym as a part of my everyday routine 6 days a week.. The other trainers-Mariah, Jolene and Bee are encouraging and supportive as well with a focus on form first and foremost. This is a facility that truly cares about its clients and is willing to support you in every way possible to achieve your goals. I love the environment and the other people that attend. It is a case of like-minded people that challenge you, encourage you to kick it up a notch or to keep going and tell you that you are amazing each and every time you workout. I have made some great friends at the gym and love the group of people that I work out with each morning. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone that is wanting to make a change and doesn't know where to start. Just walk through the doors and the rest will be history.

Reidun Kopp

Steelhead Fitness is absolutely amazing. The incredible women that are there day in and day out to do what they love helping others to be the best they can be Is absolutely wonderful..
Get down to Steelhead and start your best life cause I know I have..
You guys absolutely rock!

Nikki Buchanan